Our Team

Sarah and Shannyn met in university where they both studied Special Care Counselling, living together in a studio in Montreal. Over many years their friendship continued to grow and carried them out to BC where they found the mountains and the ocean and knew they’d found home. Their love for nature and all things natural, along with welcoming baby atlas into this world, encouraged them to share their knowledge and products with the rest of the world, helping educate on going totally natural is the best thing you can do for you body.

And our biggest mascot 


Baby Atlas was born in August 2017 and has been the best mascot, little pal this team could ask for. Youll find him in one of our arms or chatting to guests at events. His smiles and good energy make every day the best day.

They have launched Floraa & Fauna in western BC and are SO EXCITED for everywhere this journey will take them. Shannyn is now on all the front lines and behind the scenes while Sarah continues to be her rock and biggest cheerleader.

Angela Christine
supreme photographer

Kindest, sweetest all around gal ; Angela is a new Mom who has found inspiration in capturing life’s moments. She specializes in family photography, and is always ready to take on a new project. Angela resides in Squamish, BC and would love to work with you! Check her out at Angela Bliss Photo